Minestone Soup (kid approved with an occassional whine)


The calendar say it’s Spring, but Northeastern Ohio says otherwise.  It seems we had our Spring in Winter and now our Winter in Spring.  Sure,  I’m a tad disappointed we can’t have those Springtime temperatures all the time, but that just leaves me rolling with the cooler weather punches.   In this case it is a warm, hearty and tasty punch 🙂

I’ve made this minestrone soup for years. You just can’t go wrong with the soup.  It’s fast, easy and you adapt the ingredients to most of your families likings .   It usually gets a kid approval with occasional whines of, “why do you  have to put tomatoes in it”, or ” can I pick the beans out?”.   The original recipe is from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.  I have adapted the original recipe to fit my families forever changing tastes.  There are some ingredients that I sneak in the soup, but then there are other ingredients that I know will cause the big sighs and whines so I omit those all-together.

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Chez Francois… a restaurant that is a dream to experience.

Would you agree life basically consists of roads that twist, turn, wind, bump and surprise ?

Over this past year or so, I have experienced some major changes in my life that has taken time to adjust and accept the new challenges and opportunities that life presents at a given moment.  I  like to think of these changes or challenges as  growth that is needed within myself and/or in those lives around me.   My “at home” kitchen experiences  have slowed down a little (ok…maybe quite a bit) while adjusting to change and new direction.  My newest way of life has put me tableside at some very nice restaurants.  This has been such a new and lovely experience.  As a foodie, I crave all kinds of tastes, food pairings and presentations.  To experience chefs talents helps add to my creative process in my kitchen.

I have always envisioned a part of Kitchen Moments to highlight local restaurants and happenings “Around Town”.   As life happens and I learn to go with the flow, this is where I’m at…. “Around Town”.   To share in others’ passions, knowledge, stories, food and drink creations brings an enthusiastic atmosphere that is contagious and inspiring  to me.

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Funfetti Cookies

2013-09-07 08.02.45


Sprinkles, sprinkles and more sprinkles!  Anytime I see sprinkles I pause to admire the colors.  The little flecks of color lend a certain amount of pizazz to just about anything sweet.  Between the brilliant color assortments and shapes you can jazz up just about anything.  Any dessert can come to life by adding a splash of sprinkle fun.  I just love the pop of colors dancing in this dough.  The sensational butter taste swirled throughout the cookie and the filling will have you licking your lips afterwards.    

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Ho Ho Cupcakes

2013-08-19 15.21.03


Everyone has eaten a ho-ho cupcake once in their life, right?  Growing up I ate my fair share of the individual packaged chocolate cakes filled with a sugary white filling, then glazed with a thin waxy layer of chocolate.  I didn’t seem to mind eating them as a kid, but as an adult I craved more… more chocolate flavor in the cake, more butter taste in the filling, and more of a rich intense chocolate taste for the glaze.

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