Butternut Squash Sweet Potato Bisque


Are you one to stock up on butternut squash when it comes in season?  I am!  When the price is right, I act as if I’ve won a prize!  I believe “the prize effect” is knowing that squash will last for months if stored correctly and buying it in season saves some dollars and cents when it’s in abundance.

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Oven Baked Jamaican Jerk Chicken



Are you tired of eating the same old chicken dishes?  Maybe you’re craving a new recipe that’s easy and packed full of flavor?   Look no further because your chicken rut stops here!

This recipe was introduced to me many years ago from my middle sister, Ellen, who had a surprise 30th birthday for me.   Over the years, Ellen has explored new flavors that differ from the way we grew up.  Eating her cooking was always intriguing and delicious .

I have to say this dish lacks presentation!  In a crazy way it pushes us beyond our normal boundaries.  We tend to eat with our eyes.  Meaning most people have to like what we see before trying something.  It may lack eye appeal, but it sure has a surprisingly addictive combination of flavors!  The mixture is a blend of flavorful spices, questionable heat, and addictive sweet tones.

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Marble Squares

How would you like to taste cake, brownie and cheesecake all in one bite?  Over the years, these squares have been great for any kind of gathering.  They’re always a crowd pleaser and have left some kind of confusion as to “what they are”.   The moist chocolate texture, luscious cheesecake swirl sprinkled with chocolate chips, then cut into bite size squares gives this 3 in 1 dessert it’s rave reviews.

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Minestone Soup (kid approved with an occassional whine)


The calendar say it’s Spring, but Northeastern Ohio says otherwise.  It seems we had our Spring in Winter and now our Winter in Spring.  Sure,  I’m a tad disappointed we can’t have those Springtime temperatures all the time, but that just leaves me rolling with the cooler weather punches.   In this case it is a warm, hearty and tasty punch 🙂

I’ve made this minestrone soup for years. You just can’t go wrong with the soup.  It’s fast, easy and you adapt the ingredients to most of your families likings .   It usually gets a kid approval with occasional whines of, “why do you  have to put tomatoes in it”, or ” can I pick the beans out?”.   The original recipe is from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.  I have adapted the original recipe to fit my families forever changing tastes.  There are some ingredients that I sneak in the soup, but then there are other ingredients that I know will cause the big sighs and whines so I omit those all-together.

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