cell phone pics 649Welcome to Kitchen Moments!

My name is Amy. I am excited to cook, bake, and taste with all of you!

Here you will find that cooking and baking consists of a variety of flavors, ingredients, textures, layers and colors. “Cooking and baking in an everyday way,” is my way of saying, I try to find a balance between juggling everyday life busyness, while trying to explore new tastes for my family and myself.

As a family and self-taught cook, baker, and photographer my education came through trial and error and, like many of you, this is a continuous process. My hope is to encourage you to explore new tastes and to create your own Kitchen Moments.

The name “Kitchen Moments” is the perfect fit for the life happenings from my past to the present in and around the kitchen. My entire life was surrounded by food, family, and friends.  These experiences created my kitchen moments. You will find throughout my writings and recipes that I am influenced by my Eastern European background (Serbian, Croatian and Slovak). Through friends, family and marriages, you will also notice my exposure to a variety of other cultures and cuisines… Filipino, Italian and Middle Eastern.

Currently,  I am a mother of three active kids, Elizabeth (21), Joseph (18), and Nicholas (15).

The kids and I live in Medina, Ohio, a quaint town which I hope to highlight throughout KM.





In years past…

My childhood was filled with experiences watching family members (Baba, Papa, Poulie, Grandma, and Mom) cook and bake. I grew up on a mini-farm where animals, gardening, fruits, vegetables and flowers were just the way of life.

During my high school and college years, I would get side gigs baking, while I worked at the community hospital snack bar.

In my early twenties, I worked at a bakery in Maryland. My days consisted of early hours, techniques in folding, rolling and assembling mass amounts of dough.

In my mid-twenties, my Mom and I catered brunch for the outdoor wedding of a family friend. That was my first exposure to cooking for a crowd. Everything turned out beautifully. If only I had been into taking pictures of food back then.

In my early thirties, another family friend requested a dessert table for her wedding. There were a variety of cupcakes, cheesecakes, cakes, and coconut bars for all to try. The dessert table was a hit! Thankfully, the wedding was highlighted on a wedding blog and the photographer grabbed some photos, which can be seen here.

I was fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom for 13 years. During those years I was able to explore a variety of recipes and host many brunches, showers and birthday celebrations.

It’s time for me to get organized and expressive! I am looking forward to sharing  my loves of things sweet, savory and beautiful here at KM.


Some light-hearted things to know about me:

  • I’m curious, inquisitive, analytical, spontaneous, ambitious and funny (well…that’s debatable)
  • I crave a variety of textures, tastes and layers
  • I have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks and printed recipes
  • I love lemons
  • I like dishes
  • I have this need to know “why,” a yearning to know how things work with recipes and in my everyday life happenings. This can work for me and against me 😉
  • I love the taste of butter and olive oil
  • I like quotes
  • I like paths with no endings
  • I can be serious when I need to be
  • I like to laugh (usually at myself)
  • I am an eye kind of gal… eyes are expressive
  • I like flowers and landscapes
  • I like dimensions and depth
  • I eat dark chocolate almost daily
  • I like to read a variety of books, magazines and blogs
  • I like to break out and dance once in a while in front of the kids because it makes them laugh and say I’m weird but really they think I’m cool! lol
  • I have a passion for skin care
  • I have need to dabble in make-up….create and blend shades of color from eye shadows, eye pencils, lip pencils and glosses
  • I enjoy sitting at the bar at restaurants (always meeting new people and having passionate conversation about food and drinks of course!)