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Our skin is our largest organ. Like the rest of the body it needs to be fed and nourished. Skin care health and skin correction should be part of a daily regimen.  In my daily interactions with people, I find most people usually don’t help prevent aging or restore the skin’s health until there is a concern (like dark spots, noticeable fine lines or wrinkles).

There are many variables that effect the skin’s health, such as exposure to free radicals, lifestyle, and genetics.  The skin can’t possibly get what it needs from diet alone; nor can we exactly rub broccoli and carrots on our skin. Most people incorporate multi-vitamins daily to help aid in overall body health. Applying topical vitamins (such as vitamins A and C) daily can help protect and restore the skin’s overall health.

Skin care is much like a recipe.  Let’s say you’re making a cake. In the recipe you will notice a combination of ingredients (eggs, baking powder and oil) to achieve the end result…a tender crumb and perfectly moist cake!

There are many considerations when creating a skin recipe to nourish, soothe, and protect your skin.

Because there are many skin types, I would suggest working with a trained  skin care professional to assist you in finding the correct skin care products for your skin type.

In my past, I obtained my Cosmetology license and I was fortunate enough to work at a skin care boutique (attached to a dermatologists office) selling medical grade skin care.  Medical grade skin care has a higher percent of the actual ingredient or a stronger form of vitamins to nourish or help repair the skin.  Over-the-counter skin care products contain a smaller amount of actual ingredients and lesser forms of  vitamins.

There’s much to talk about for future posts!

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